Pet Portraiture

Bold. Colorful. Full of Life.

Pittsburgh Pet Photographer Elizabeth As

Fine Art Pet Portrait Sessions

The love we share with our pets

truly lasts a lifetime, and photographs 

have the ability to take us back

to the moments in life

we never want to forget.

Fine Art Pet Portrait Sessions 

are custom designed to capture

the unique characteristics of your pet,

and are focused on creating

one of a kind, tangible artwork,

allowing your most precious memories

to live on in your heart and in your home forever.


Elizabeth Ashley is an

Internationally Published,

Award Winning Artist

recognized for Pet Photography,

and was named 
Best Animal Photographer of 2018

by LooksLikeFilm. 


"You truly have an amazing gift.

You give these animals the gift of truly living on forever, and I am so blessed to have such beautiful artwork of my sweet girl.

I will never be able to thank you enough for the gift you gave me. Your art will always have a place in mine and my mother's home."


-Brie, Mom of Bella

who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge


—  Brie, Mom of Bella, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

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