My "Why"

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

While you will find that normally I share most of my recent work on my Instagram (@elizabethashleyphotos), creating a blog has been a "to-do" of mine for a while now.
Most of the times my thoughts run deeper than an Instagram caption and I always thought a blog would be a fun way to share my journey with photography + life.. so what better time to begin than now! :)

One thing I enjoy learning about others, it is about the things they have witnessed in their lifetime that have inspired them. When you first start out in business or as an entrepreneur, the first thing they tell you is to share your "why". So my first post is dedicated to doing just that!

What inspires me?

"Inspired by the tangible portrait in the digital age"

​​There are many things that inspire my love for photography. Inspiration for the importance of portrait photography struck me through the precious moments shared with my Grandmother - My Mama, learning about her treasured collection of photographs.

We had a very close relationship. She was one of the most influential people in my life - it's hard to put into words. She was called Home in August of 2017. My Mama was incredibly kind, smart, loving, and patient. The warmth of her presence will live on in my heart forever.

My Mama's memory was very sharp; right up until the end. It always amazed me that at 97 and a half years old, my Mama could still recollect the fine details and memories each photograph holds — where it was taken and why, along with the story behind it. Each memory holding such importance in her heart.

With each photograph, I would watch as she was taken back to a moment in time. I learned so much about my Grandmother's life through these photographs. The most important to me, were those of her as a young woman, around my age.

It is hard for me to imagine my life without this experience. You don't realize the significance of a portrait until one day, it is all you are left with.

Side note: How ridiculously well dressed were my Mama & Papa for their fishing trips to the lake?! There are many qualities in which I endeared about my Mama; one of them being her polished style. She was always done up. We always say why she's the reason why none of us girls ever leave the house without our lipstick ;)

Without these photographs, I never would have grown to know the face of my dear 97 year old Grandmother when she was my age, or have the chance to witness a love like the one my grandparents shared.

My Mama's Senior Portrait sits on the mantle in my Photography Studio

"Imagine yourself at 97 years old, reflecting on photographs of yourself as a young woman"

Story featured on Save Family Photos and Persnickety Prints

I never would have had the opportunity to look back on a lifetime worth of family history and memories. And most important, I wouldn't have shared this special memory with my Grandmother.

My Mama, 97, pointing to a photo of herself as a young girl

Although my Grandmother had always thought to document a photograph’s date and location, there is nothing that I valued more than spending time with her in person, hearing about the stories behind them; from someone who experienced them firsthand.

"I want you to experience looking back on your portraits someday, maybe even with your grandchildren"

When is the last time you were photographed with the people who mean the most to you?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be captured with your loved ones.

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