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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

My happy place! My first photography studio. I've been wanting to share more about the space for a while now, and finally made the time to post. Welcome!

When I found the space, what interested me at first was the history. It's the former Ice House to the Estate next door, which has since been converted into a restaurant. Most of the property's original buildings like the carriage house and barn are operating as businesses as well.

The rustic charm of the space won me over right away. From the hand-hewn beams to the fireplaces.. thinking about the history of the property is just so interesting and something I definitely appreciate.

None of this would have been at ALL possible without the constant encouragement and support from my Family and my boyfriend Ryan. It has been quite the adventure and I'm so excited to share more about my journey and how we transformed the space!

The Reveal Wall

My Mom and I got to work cleaning to get the space move in ready, and of course we had some fun doing the shopping together :), Ryan helped me paint and move furniture in, and my Dad built a custom Gallery Wall and helped me to secure signage for the building. It was really a team effort and I'm so thankful to have had the help of my loved ones, because looking back that's really what made the whole experience memorable.

I love the reaction from those who visit my studio for the first time. It makes me happy to have created such a cozy and welcoming space where all who enter feel relaxed and at ease. :)

Here are a few random behind the scenes iPhone shots of the studio from start to finish..

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